Tiger Fighting on October 11 This Sunday, the ninth round of the 2020 Chinese League will continue. In the second match day, Changchun Yatai, Shaanxi Daqinzhishui, Liaoning Shenyang City won; Taizhou Yuanda, Beijing Beiti University, Hohhot, Beijing Renhe drew with; Kunshan FC, Guizhou Hengfeng, Jiangxi Liansheng lost.


In the 6th minute of the first half, Zhu Zhengrong made a 45-degree pass from the right to the back point of the penalty area. The opponent tried to header the ball and failed to get the ball far. The ball hit Wu Yufan who was following the point and refracted into the net, 1-0. . In the half-time stoppage time, the Yatai team got a small angle free kick on the right side. Sergio took a left-footed penalty and sent the ball into the penalty area. Sousa leaped and shook his head and scored 1-1.

在上半场第6分钟,朱正荣从罚球区的右边向后点进行了45度传球。对手试图将球顶出,但未能将球推远。皮球击中跟随该点的吴宇凡,并以1-0的比分折射入网。 。在半场补时阶段,亚泰队在右侧获得一个小角度任意球。塞尔吉奥(Sergio)左脚破门,将球送入禁区。 Sousa跳了起来,摇了摇头,得分为1-1。

In the 56th minute after the easy side, Tan Long made a pass from the right and caused a handball foul in the penalty area. The referee made a penalty kick. Sergio took the penalty with his left foot and tricked the goalkeeper into the lower right corner of the goal, 1 -2. In the 88th minute, Tan Long went to the meeting single-handedly after getting the ball, facing the goalkeeper calmly and shooting into the far corner of the goal, 1-3. In the end, Changchun Yatai reversed and won and locked in the championship team.

轻松方后第56分钟,谭龙右路传中,在禁区造成手球犯规。裁判判罚任意球。塞尔吉奥用左脚罚点球,将门将欺骗到球门的右下角1 -2。在第88分钟,谭龙拿到皮球后单枪匹马参加了会议,从容面对门将,并射入了球门的最远角落,比分1-3。最终,长春亚泰逆转胜出,并锁定冠军队。

Before the start of the game, Raoul, who was originally scheduled to start for the Shaanxi team, suffered an injury during the warm-up, forcing the team to change Wei Renjie's starting field. In the 8th minute of the first half of the game, Zhang Mengqi sent an inverted triangle low pass from the right side of the penalty area. Gui Hong, who followed up in the middle, directly pushed the ball and scored 0-1. Subsequently, Wei Renjie accidentally handballed the ball from the right side of the opponent's penalty area, and the referee made a penalty kick. Gui Hong took the penalty shot in the lower left corner of the goal and was blocked by goalkeeper Wang Qi.

在比赛开始前,原定为陕西队参赛的拉乌尔在热身赛中受伤,迫使该队改变韦仁杰的起跑方向。上半场第8分钟,张梦起从禁区右侧送出倒三角形的低位传球。居中的跟进的Gui Hong直接将球推开并得分为0-1。随后,魏仁杰不小心将球从对手禁区右侧移开,裁判判罚任意球。桂虹在球门左下角射门,被门将王琪挡出。

After the Yi side battle, the Shaanxi team launched a counterattack. In the 58th minute, Han Guanghui intercepted the ball on the right side of the front court and then passed it to Yang Hao, who was diagonally forward. Yang Hao made a slight adjustment and sent the pass. Yang He followed up the ball and volleyed the goal directly, 1-1. In the 61st minute, Han Guanghui stepped on a bicycle outside the penalty area on the right to get rid of the defense and took a cross cut. The ball drew an arc, hit the turf and bounced inside the gate, 2-1. In stoppage time, the Shaanxi team kicked the ball from the backcourt to the opponent’s penalty area. The goalkeeper Zhang Sipeng, who abandoned the goal, tried to stop the ball but kicked the ball to Li Yingjian. The latter stole the ball into the penalty area and pushed the empty goal to add icing on the cake. 3 -1. In the end, Shaanxi Daqin Zhishui won, still retaining the hope of advancing to the championship team.

易方战役结束后,陕西队发动了反击。第58分钟,韩光辉在前场右侧截球,将球传给对角​​前锋杨浩。杨浩稍作调整,送出了传球。 Yang He跟进球,直接凌空射门,进球1-1。第61分钟,韩光辉在右侧禁区外踩着脚踏车摆脱了防守,进行了横切。球划出一个弧线,击中草皮并在门内2-1弹跳。在补时阶段,陕西队将球从后场踢到对手的禁区。射门得分的守门员张四鹏试图停球,但将球踢给了李英健。后者将球偷进了禁区,并推空了球门,为蛋糕锦上添花。 3 -1。最终,陕西大琴之水获胜,仍然保留了晋级冠军队伍的希望。

In the 38th minute of the first half of the game, the North Sports Team midfielder moved to the right, Yan Xiangchuang caught the ball and broke into the penalty area to face the goalkeeper and scored 0-1. In the 73rd minute after the Yi side, Xu Jiajun was brought down by Ye Lijiang, who was defending from the side, when he was dribbling the ball in the penalty area. The referee made a penalty kick. Chengyuan took the penalty and deceived the goalkeeper to hit the center of the goal. 1- 1.

比赛上半场第38分钟,北方运动队中场球员向右移动,严相创接住球,冲入禁区面对得分将,得分为0-1。在易侧的第73分钟内,徐家俊在禁区内将亚博体彩买球球运球的时候被正在侧边防守的叶丽江击倒。裁判判罚任意球。程远罚点球,欺骗门将将球打中。 1-1。

In the 90th minute, Xu Jiajun made a pass with his teammate outside the penalty area on the left, and then Xu Jiajun got the ball again in the penalty area and then pushed his right foot into the far corner of the goal, 2-1. In stoppage time, Peng Junxian dribbled into the opponent's penalty area and was brought down. The referee again awarded a penalty kick. Yan Xiangchuang resisted the pressure and took the penalty to the right side of the goal, 2-2. With a brace made by veteran Yan Xiangchuang, Beijing North Sports University was able to completely tie its opponents.

在第90分钟,徐家俊与他的队友在左侧禁区外传球,然后徐家俊在禁区再次将球传给了对手,然后右脚将球推入球门的最远角落,比分2-1 。在补时阶段,彭俊贤运球进入对手的禁区并被摔倒。裁判再次判罚点球。严相创抵抗了压力,将球罚进了球门右边,2-2。借助老将闫相创的助步器,北京北方体育大学得以完全打败对手。

In the 22nd minute of the first half of the game, Gao Shipeng made a slight adjustment after the cross from the right side of his teammate in the penalty area, and took a volley and scored 0-1. In the 57th minute after the Yi side, the Shenyang team won a free kick on the right side outside the penalty area. Zhu Shiyu took the penalty with his left foot and directly attacked the goal. The ball passed between the legs of the human wall and bounced slightly in front of the goal. , 0-2. In the ensuing time, Wang Jingbin left the field in red, the two teams failed to rewrite the score again, and finally Liaoning Shenyang City won.

在上半场的第22分钟,高仕鹏在禁区右侧队友的传中后稍稍做了调整,排球得分为0-1。易侧后第57分钟,沉阳队在禁区外右侧获得任意球。朱时宇用左脚罚点球,直接攻入球门。球在人墙的两腿之间通过,并在球门前稍亚博买球首选稍弹起。 ,0-2。在随后的时间里,王敬斌以红色离开了赛场,两队均未能再次改写比分,最终辽宁沉阳市获胜。

After 90 minutes of fierce battle, the two teams failed to score a goal, and finally scored 0-0. After this campaign, Beijing Renhe will compete with Taizhou Yuanda for a place in the championship group in the final round.


In the first half of the game, neither team made any achievements. In the 65th minute after the Yi side, Atala shot from the top of the penalty area to break the deadlock, 1-0. Soon afterwards, the Zhiyun team used the attack of the midfielder to create a murderous opportunity. Silva stabbed the goal after receiving a ferry from his teammate in the penalty area. The referee determined that the offside was invalid after the assistant referee prompted the goal. In stoppage time, Zhiyun team staged a Jedi counterattack. First, Mladen received his teammate's header and flew the ball and then the chest stopped the ball to take advantage of the flow and volley shot successfully, 1-1. Then Xu Junmin made a slight adjustment of the crosscut outside the penalty area on the left, and followed a curved ball to the far corner of the goal, 1-2. In the end, Nantong Zhiyun won by a narrow margin, and continued to retain the chance to hit the championship seat in the final round.